exterior and interior renovation

exterior refresh

For our Coalway project not only did the interior need a complete refresh but so did the exterior. We finished the Coalway project with new handcrafted double-glazed wood framed windows and newly installed uPvc windows around the entire property. With brand new exterior rendered surface.


custom kitchen

We added an extention onto this property to encompass a new custom-built kitchen.

feature extension

refreshed living space

Our Coalway project had 5 different living spaces that required fireplace refinishing. Fitted with new bay windows and carpet in each room.


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    Smart living

    Our smart living model encompasses user-centric design and building practices.

    ECO Construction

    Eco-friendly, and ecological, construction built structures that are beneficial and non-harmful to the environment.

    Human in mind

    We put our clients’ desired lifestyle at the forefront of each project and design spaces that facilitate our clients’ well-being.

    Atractive Location

    We select the best properties in up and coming neighbourhoods based on growth and data amaysis.

    Award worthy design

    We deliver elegant and functional designs that are customized for a comfortable modern day lifestyle.

    mordern technology

    Homes built with modern technology that will transform your home.

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