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Investing in Property Development

Earn typical rates of IO% p.a.* with our secured* peer to peer development loans. Investors are always paid out first from property sales revenue.

Our peer to peer development finance deals enable you to earn up to 10% p.a. Your investments are always secured by a legal charge against the land / property. Our peer to peer lending model is unusual in that it offers you the ability to earn high returns whilst also benefiting from the security of a first legal charge.

Investing with us is therefore lower risk than the usual methods of investing in property development where the bank always takes priority and can step in and sell the development. With our investments our investors are, in effect, the bank with the same type of security and the right to be paid out first from sale proceeds.

Property Development Lending

We understand you’re not always available to manually make investments. We find sound investments, to help save you time, and to help you diversify your portfolio. Let our professionals find the best investments for.

Preview our selection of live investment options. Learn all about the different properties, their market and the growth potiential. Learn and become fully invested!

How do i invest?

Register as a lender with us, fill in your details and upload proof of identity and address. Once your accout has passed our verification checks, you will receive updates from us about project launch dates and webinars.

If you would like to pledge money towards a project:
View Projects

Access our projects page and select a live project of your choice.

Pledge money

Press the "Register Today" button, specify your desired project, and the pledge amount.

Transfer Funds

Once you have passed the Anit-Money Laundering assesement, we will notify you when you need to transfer your funds. Usually 1-8 weeks after the launch.

Receive Updates

Stay in the loop with access to our project management software. See in-real time phase updates and progress.

Recieve Returns

Once the project has been completed, capital is returned to your account.


“Living overseas it is important to me to have peace of mind with my investment. Not being present to see how to project is progressing having access to the project management software I was able to keep track of the project and see exactly what I was getting for my investment.”

Marlon Sutton


“I needed assurance in a company through every stage of the process and Onyx has proved just that. Their professionalism and commitment meant that my investment was hassle-free.”

Darren Thompson
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