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Creating stylish and practical interior design solutions for comfortable everyday living.

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Who we are

At Onyx, we aim to deliver elegant and functional designs that are customised for a comfortable modern day lifestyle. We create unique environments, featuring bespoke design elements that are tailored to your personal taste and needs. Our motto “Design for Living” encompasses our user-centred design focus: we put our clients’ desired lifestyle at the forefront of each project and design spaces that facilitate the clients’ well-being.

What we value

We value personal connection and empathy, taking the time to fully understand our client’s aesthetic preferences and functional needs. We are change-makers, who are accustomed to refurbishing, remodeling and modernizing houses and turning them into warm homes. We often work with our own in-house construction team to manage the project from start to finish.

designed with you in mind

At Onyx, we use our expertise and vision to deliver the project to the highest standards, on time and to budget; never compromising on what’s important: creating a space that resonates with the client and maximizes their desired lifestyle.


Luxury design is our passion and our calling

You will have a high-performing team that is focused on delivering and building an extraordinary custom home.


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Our expertise, high quality craftsmanship, and creative approach are the key elements in delivering dramatically enhanced interior and exterior spaces ready to be enjoyed by everyone.

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